• December 2021 Serenity Updates

    Happy New Year dear users! We ended 2021 by making Tailored Exports available for our Growth Edition users. We also added completeness calculation options for Table Attributes and the process tracker is fully revamped with new filters and a progress bar. Cheers to 2022!

  • November 2021 Serenity updates

    Importing and exporting user-friendly versions of your table attributes is now possible! Add new rows and options to save time and stay focused on your product enrichment. Last but not least, there is now the ability to delete product models from a new API end-point.

  • October 2021 Serenity updates

    A new attribute type is born, please welcome Table Attribute, the latest addition to facilitate multidimensional data management directly from the PIM. Tailored export keeps growing with a new value replacement operation!

  • September 2021 Serenity updates

    As soon as they were back to school, Akeneo teams have been busy to make sure that your Tailored Export experience would be even more complete. Also, you'll enjoy the new navigation of the Category and Option screens along with an improved Settings page.

  • July & August 2021 Serenity updates

    Things were heating up in Akeneo PIM this July and August. With the release of Tailored Exports allowing you to define and create custom export files and the new marketplace menu with the list of connectors compatible with your PIM. You're in for our sweetest experience yet.

  • June 2021 Serenity updates

    Discover the latest PIM enhancements that ease even further the management of product models and assets through our REST API, as well as a new category screen to improve your user experience when managing categories and category trees.

  • May 2021 Serenity updates

    Providing you with a great user experience is crucial for us, that's why we revamped two major PIM screens and introduced a new menu to ease the management of connections. Also, we release two API improvements that will ease category tree synchronization and enable you to retrieve product completeness through API.

  • April 2021 Serenity updates

    In April, Akeneo PIM brings you an improved proposal screen, designed to be more simple and straightforward to use, and a new mass delete action for your reference entity records, to ease your records management.

  • March 2021 Serenity updates

    This month, we’re glad to share with you lots of new features and enhancements that will definitely delight you! Less manual tasks thanks to a new mass action for assets and improvements on user management, more guidance on enrichement thanks to attribute guidelines, and an easier debugging for your Events API-based connections.

  • February 2021 Serenity updates

    February comes with improvements on data quality: new spell-check dictionaries to help you better manage your overall data quality and new export and API filters on your product quality scores, but also a new frequency for rules execution and extended capabilities for your asset families.

  • January 2021 Serenity updates

    What better way to start this new year than with a great new PIM feature? We are very happy and proud to release a brand new API called “Events API” to help you effectively connect your PIM to third party applications!