July & August 2021 Serenity updates

Things were heating up in Akeneo PIM this July and August. With the release of Tailored Exports allowing you to define and create custom export files and the new marketplace menu with the list of connectors compatible with your PIM. You're in for our sweetest experience yet.


Advanced product export capabilities

Type: New  |  Feature: Productivity  |  Available in Serenity EE only since mid-August  |  📖 Read the doc

We are pleased to introduce a new export feature called Tailored Exports. From your export jobs, Tailored Exports allow you to customize your product export structure, content and sources. Thanks to Tailored Exports, you can now easily create and export XLSX files per your or your stakeholders' needs, or per channel requirements. Its interface enables you to easily define, select, rename and reorder columns, without having to manipulate the data further once exported. This new capability will be enriched with more functionalities in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

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Discover the Export Builder


Discover all the connectors compatible with your PIM

Type: New  |  Feature: Connectivity  |  Available in Serenity EE and GE since mid-July  |  📖 Read the doc

Thanks to this marketplace update, you can now easily find the tools and extensions compatible with the version and edition of your PIM directly from your working environment. You no longer need to go to the marketplace website, we bring it to you for a premium SaaS experience.

If you are curious about one of these connectors, click on More info and access the connector page on our web marketplace.

Not familiar with the context?
Here is a selection from our help center:
What is a connector?