October 2021 Serenity updates

A new attribute type is born, please welcome Table Attribute, the latest addition to facilitate multidimensional data management directly from the PIM. Tailored export keeps growing with a new value replacement operation!


Manage your multidimensional data in Akeneo PIM

Type: New  |  Feature: Governance  |  Available in Serenity EE and GE since Late-October  |  📖 Read the doc

Structuring and adding product dimensions, nutritional facts, ingredients, or packaging information to your product pages directly from your PIM is now easy and user-friendly! Discover Akeneo's new feature Table Attribute, choose one of the existing templates, or build your own from scratch. Once your table is ready and populated, use advanced search filters to find your products more easily. The most complex product data modelization can be directly built and used within Akeneo PIM!

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Here is a selection from our help center:
What is table attribute?
How to use table attribute in your product page?


Easily replace a value in Tailored Exports

Type: New  |  Feature: Productivity  |  Available in Serenity EE only since mid-October  |  📖 Read the doc

Prepare your export profiles once and adapt them to your distributors' requirements. You call this shade 'Orange', your distributor says it's 'Pumpkin Orange'. From your tailored export, easily match attributes options and reference entities records to your distributors' values. The beauty is that, once it's done, you can duplicate it and use it as much as you need, you no longer need to do it manually afterward. With all that time saved, treat yourself with a pumpkin latte!

Not familiar with the context?
Here is a selection from our help center:
What is a Tailored Export?