Select your catalog and your view


Select your catalog

As a user, several catalogs can be shared with you. They are all available in the catalog selection.

To access a specific catalog, you have to click on the label. Then, the products in the selected catalog are displayed in the grid, and if you ever need to work from a different catalog, click on a different label.

Select catalog


Select your view

As a user, you have two display options in your grid: the gallery view and the list view.

To display large images and labels of your products, select Gallery view, in the Display dropdown menu.

List view

To display more product information for each product, choose the List view. You can also to select or order the attributes you want to display. To do so, click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your list to customize your product grid.

Group variations

Variations are products that are based on the same model but differ in some aspects, e.g. size. 

You can now group them for better usability both in gallery & list views (by default, it will be ungrouped). 

You can see the total number of variations for the same model in the column variations.

In the blue helper, you can see the parameters by which the variations differ from each other. In the variations column, you can see the values by which the variations differ. 

When you select a product, you will be redirected to its dedicated page with all the product details.