March 2022 Serenity updates

Some high quality updates and new capabilities this month. Product models are now taken into account with your Quality Score. And we're excited to launch an all-new Akeneo App Store to connect with your ecosystem, with new Apps already available right from within Akeneo PIM. Read more to get the scoop.


Akeneo App Store

Type: New | Feature: Connectivity | Available in Serenity EE and GE since mid-March | 📖 Read the doc

Introducing the next generation of connectivity with Akeneo PIM: Apps and Akeneo App Store. Right from the Connect navigation tab you will see the App Store where you can discover, browse and connect with trusted Apps. With just a few clicks you can connect your existing technology stack or extend Akeneo PIM in exciting new ways. There are several new Apps for you to try today, with more to come. From the Connected Apps screen you can also access, manage and configure your installed Apps. A whole new world of connectivity has just opened up to you.

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How to Connect My PIM with Apps


Quality Score and Product Models

If you're working with product variants in Akeneo PIM, you will be happy to hear that the Quality Score for your product models and sub models are now taken into account too. The Quality Score for product models will be visible from the product grid and product edit form, and your dashboard will factor in models, variants, and simple products for each of the key indicators. You can also filter product models based on quality when exporting, including via Tailored Exports and the API. Quality stuff!

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Here is a selection from our help center:
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