• December 2022 Serenity updates

    Happy New Year! We wrapped up 2022 with a few usability improvements to Catalogs for Apps to help developers access data from Akeneo PIM.

  • November 2022 Serenity updates

    This month we added additional options to support import and export capabilities in Akeneo PIM. Tailored Imports now includes search and replace options and the UUID identifier can be added to export files.

  • October 2022 Serenity updates

    This month we are introducing a big change to SKUs. They are no longer required when entering a product in Akeneo PIM. Plus, new enhancements to Tailored Imports provide options to replace values in a supplier’s file with reference entities.

  • September 2022 Serenity updates

    Fall is coming at Akeneo, but it doesn't mean that our Serenity releases are cooling down. With new automated SFTP import and export scheduling and catalogs for apps you'll get even more out-of-the-box functionality from Akeneo PIM.

  • August 2022 Serenity updates

    It's been a hot summer for many Akeneo customers and the month of August brings some features and functionality hot off the press! Tailored Imports now supports price attributes and additional operations like case changing and family replacement. Check it out!

  • July 2022 Serenity updates

    Tailored Imports has increased functionality by including Reference Entities and Asset Collections, try it out today!

  • June 2022 Serenity updates

    Hot off the press: Tailored Imports is available! Ever wanted to import product data into your Akeneo PIM without it matching your current PIM structure? Well now you can! Read this month's update to learn more.

  • May 2022 Serenity updates

    This month there were new updates to the Akeneo App Store, specifically to the app authorization process, making it easier than ever to connect and manage your apps.

  • April 2022 Serenity updates

    April brought on some spring cleaning, so we decluttered your attribute creation modal to remove a commonly confused and retired attribute type -- the reference data attribute.

  • March 2022 Serenity updates

    Some high quality updates and new capabilities this month. Product models are now taken into account with your Quality Score. And we're excited to launch an all-new Akeneo App Store to connect with your ecosystem, with new Apps already available right from within Akeneo PIM. Read more to get the scoop.

  • February 2022 Serenity updates

    Table Attributes got some love this February with a few key updates. Now you can include measurements when creating a table attribute, and import options from existing attributes to save you time.

  • January 2022 Serenity updates

    2022 kicked off and we are proud to announce new improvements on Tailored Export with advanced rounding options. We also strengthened Table Attribute by adding Reference Entities as a column type. Explore the power of Akeneo PIM throughout its latest features!