Configuration set up


App connection settings

Now that you are aware of the current Akeneo App features, let us help you set up and effectively use your App.

In order to access your App:

For the first time go to: Connect >> Apps store >> Akeneo App for Shopify >>Connect
Other times go to: Connect >> Connected Apps >> Akeneo App for Shopify >>Open



Set up your App for Shopify in the Akeneo PIM

Admin's first usage only



  • Akeneo App activated by your Akeneo's representative
  • Manage/Open App permissions in the PIM

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to: Connect >> App store >> Akeneo App for Shopify >> Click on Connect
  2. Pop-in with authorization permissions will be displayed. You will be asked to agree to App's Privacy Policy and Terms of use. Acknowledge & confirm.
  3. Pop-in with requested permissions will be displayed. Acknowledge & confirm.
  4. Allow following permissions:
    - Category tree - View all mode
    - Locales - View all mode
    - Attribute Groups - View all
  5. Permissions recap will be displayed >> Confirm
  6. App is now activated and will be Open

Set up Store Configuration

You can select the fields from the dropdown list. The list of choices is automatically pre-populated from your PIM.

  1. Locale What is a locale?
  2. Channel What is a channel?
  3. Currency - you need to set up your default currency even if you are not using your PIM for price matters
  4. Category code What is a category?

Please remember that only products created within a given locale, channel, and category will be imported to your Shopify instance.

Please remember to double-check your Store's configuration before the first import.

Further changes in the following fields can cause severe problems to your App usage:

  • Locale
  • Channel
  • Currency
  • Category

If a change in one of those fields is necessary, please make sure to perform the manual clean/changes in the Shopify Store before reimporting your categories and products.

The App can clean the data persistence to restart your configuration and mapping. However, it means that you will need to reimport your PIM catalog into your Shopify Store from scratch.



Store resetting

In the event that changes are made to your Store's data configuration after the first import (e.g. change of the channel or locale), it is highly advised to delete your Store. This action will clean the data persistence links in the app and avoid any issues in data import that may occur due to the new configuration.

You can consult the article about Store deletion here.

After deletion, you can reconnect the Store. 

We highly recommend carefully considering any changes to your Store's configuration before first importing and consulting with our support team if you have any questions or concerns about the cleaning process.