What's new in Shared Catalogs?

What's new in Shared Catalogs?


June 15th, 2021

#Increased Data Synchronization from PIM to Shared Catalogs

Audiences: PIM Users Shared Catalogs Users

Ever need to get data from your PIM to your Shared Catalog very quickly? Thanks to increased synchronizations you no longer have to wait. Data synchronizations have changed from every 12 hours to every 2 hours, and more recently every 10 minutes. You can feel confident that the data shared in your Shared Catalog is as up-to-date as possible. *Note that changes to large catalogs will still take time to process, but data will be refreshed as close to real-time as possible.

April 23rd, 2021

#Filter the Product Gallery by Category

Audience: Shared Catalogs Users

Finding the data that you, Shared Catalog users, need can be difficult when your product gallery is large. Therefore, having the ability to search and filter on the page for exactly the products you’re looking for is a game-changer. With category filters you can narrow your search to a specific category and find the products that you need faster, displaying only the most relevant selection in your product gallery.

New filter on categories

April 6th, 2021

#Supporting 5 Additional Languages in the UI

Audiences: PIM Users Shared Catalogs Users

Shared Catalogs is accessible in five additional languages: German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese & Dutch. French and English have always been supported within the Shared Catalogs UI. With more languages your international teams and stakeholders can now work in their preferred language and can be more comfortable when using their Shared Catalog.

How it works: Shared Catalogs automatically detects the user's browser’s language and, if it is configured in one of the 7 available languages, Shared Catalogs automatically chooses the same one for the user interface.

February 1st, 2021

#Sharing Assets from the Asset Manager through Shared Catalogs

Audiences: PIM Users Shared Catalogs Users  |  📖 Full documentation

Shared Catalogs is designed to help share product information with key stakeholders. We know you need to share and access the assets used to illustrate your product information, like images, pdf files, and videos.As a PIM User you can select and share assets with Shared Catalogs Users through your Export Profiles, easing the sharing process and making your workflows more efficient. Also, as a Shared Catalogs User, you can now benefit from fully illustrated products.

PIM Assets shared on Shared Catalogs

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