Using the product page

#Using the product page

In the gallery, you can click on a product in order to display more information. You’ll be redirected to the “product page”. This page is divided into two sections:

product page

#The attributes, on the left side

This section allows you to see all the attributes related to the product and shared by your PIM point of contact. Moreover, you can choose another locale thanks to the dedicated filter. The full product information will be displayed according to the selected locale.

product page right side

Note that if an attribute value is empty, a hyphen will be displayed.

#The media, on the right side

This section allows users to preview the media related to the product.

product page left side

Png, jpeg, jpg, gif and pdf extensions are supported. Moreover, note that the media field might be empty.

To get a better view of a media, click on it and a preview pop-in will be displayed. You can see the selected media and also navigate through all the other medias related to the product thanks to the navigation bar. Moreover, you can download a specific media file thanks to the dedicated button.

assets preview

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