October 2023 Serenity updates

This month we are focused on helping you support better data governance by introducing new Family Templates to help save time during the catalog modeling step. Plus, Tailored Imports now supports the inclusion of additional product identifiers


Boost Your Catalog Modeling With Family Templates

Type: New | Feature: Governance / Productivity | Available in Serenity EE and GE since October | 📖 Read the doc

Family Templates offer our customers an easy and efficient way to kickstart and succeed in the catalog modeling step by providing pre-defined families for most industries. When creating a Family, users can now choose to start from scratch or from one of the 45 available templates (gathered under 11 industries). Each template comes with: 

  • Relevant attributes and attribute options
  • Relevant attribute properties (value per locale)
  • An attribute used as a label
  • An attribute used as the main picture

These templates aim to accelerate the understanding of the power of Akeneo Families and Completeness.

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Learn how to use Family Templates to structure a new product catalog or adapt your existing one.

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Not familiar with the context? 
Here is a selection from our help center: 
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Leverage Any of Your Identifiers With Tailored Import

Type: Improvement | Feature: Governance | Available in Serenity EE and GE since October | 📖 Read the doc

Released last August, Additional Identifiers offer the possibility to define and manage different types of product identifiers, such as SKU, UPC, EAN, ISBN, ASIN, and more, for the same product. These identifiers can be associated with your products and used for tracking, referencing, and easing the integration with other systems. This brings you the flexibility you need.

That’s why the Tailored Imports have been updated to enable our users with the possibility to define any identifiers to be used in a mapping to be the import ID. This means that whatever the main identifier is, if a user selects another identifier to be the mapping ID, then all products will be created or updated based on this identifier and not on this main identifier.