Restore a previous product version


Some concrete use cases

A very simple use case

You just noticed that there are loads of errors in the product information of one given product. You don't know what happened but someone messed up with your dear information. So you wish you could go back in time to get a version of this product where its information was way better.

It's totally possible with the restore feature. You can browse through the whole history of a product to find a version that is good according to your point of view and then, restore it. It's as easy as pie! 😃

Before restoring

After restoring

Another use case

Just picture the following case: you have a published product, which information is disseminated in different channels. You are currently enriching the product form with new photos, a more detailed description and a new price. But a new legislation compels you all at once to update your current published version to push new information about the product: its weight for instance. Unfortunately your improvements on the product page are not completed and still you do not want to publish them. What can you do?


Akeneo PIM allows you to restore your published version in order to work on it and get back to your latest working copy afterwards.

Restoring a version means reverting the product to an earlier version. For example, if you have 5 product versions, it is possible to go back to the version #3, which will not take into account any changes done afterwards.

Restoring a version does not delete information, but generates a new version representing the restored version.


In this example, the newly created version contains all changes generated by the restored version #3, in this case: this will cancel the price and the picture changes.

It is then possible to add weight to the product, save the change and publish it. Thus the published product form has not been changed, only the weight has been added.

To go back to the current version that is currently enriched (include the price and the picture), simply restore the version that contains the changes.


To restore a version:

  1. Go to Products
  2. Click on the product to restore
  3. Click on the History menu entry
  4. Click on the Restore button that is on the line of the version of product you want to restore 

The version is restored.

Your administrator may use the purge of entities, in this case you will only see the first and last version of your product.


You can only restore versions one product at a time. There is no mass action for this restore feature.