Create a Shared Catalog


This feature allows you to create and share a product selection with dedicated recipients :

  • Internal teams: Sales, Marketing, Customer success management…
  • External stakeholders: retailers, distributors...

This product selection will be available through a dedicated read-only portal for your users, not directly on the PIM.

#How to create your first Shared Catalog in few steps

#Create a Shared Catalog

  1. Log in with a user account. You need to have an export profile permission (linked to existing article)
  2. Go to the Exports menu
  3. Click on Create export profileCreate new export screen
  4. Please, fill in the following fields with:
    • A unique code
    • A name to identify the profile more easily
      Export builder profile creation screen
  5. Then, you need to select send to Shared Catalogs in the job list. Shared Catalogs export profile screen
  6. Click on Save to finalize the export profile creation. You are redirected to the profile page screen. You can then configure your Shared Catalog.

#Define the product selection

To define the product selection of a dedicated Shared Catalog, click on Content tab.

Then, you will land on a page divided into two sections:

  • Filter the data: this part allows you to define the data of the Shared Catalog: you will have to specify a channel and one or more locales. Those are required fields. The last field Attributes will allow you to select the attributes that you want to display on Shared Catalogs.
  • Filter the products: this part allows you to filter your products on several products and system attributes such as Family, Category, Status, Completeness or even insert a list of Identifiers. You can also add new attributes to use them to filter your products. Content export profile screen

You want to know how to handle the filters in detail, take a look at Filter your product selection.

#Manage the recipients

This Recipients tab allows you to give access to the current Shared Catalog to dedicated recipients. recipient screen

#Add recipient

Her recipient is identified by an email address. In order to grant access to your Shared Catalog to a new recipient, you must write their email address in the dedicated field and, click on Add. The recipient is now added, and their email address appears in the list. add recipient screen

The recipients will receive an email where they’ll be able to either create their account or if they already are a Shared Catalogs user, they’ll directly access the login page of the new Shared Catalog.

Don’t forget to click on Save and Share if you want to give direct access to your new recipient.

To save time, you can add multiple recipients at a glance. Copy/paste a list of email addresses with separators (space, comma, semicolon, or line break are supported) and then, click on Add. All email addresses will be automatically added to the recipient list.

#Remove a recipient

For any reason, if you need to revoke one recipient's access to the Shared Catalog, you simply have to click on the cross, on the right side of the recipient's email address. The email address will be removed from the recipient list.

Don’t forget to click on Save and Share to validate your action. Otherwise, the email address won’t appear in the list, but the recipient will still have access to the Shared Catalog.

add recipient screen

#Manage the branding

Here you can display your own branding on the portal of Shared Catalogs. The recipients will be able to see your company’s logo when they log in. branding screen

#Define or update the logo

By default, a Shared Catalogs logo is displayed. You can customize your Shared Catalog so that your recipients can identify it easily. To do so, you can drag and drop your file in the dedicated field or select it from your library to upload it. PNG and JPG formats are supported. The file maximum size must be 2 MB.

To update your logo, you can upload a new file to overwrite the previous one.

#Remove the logo

If you want to remove your logo, you’ll have to click on the cross on the right corner. Keep in mind that by default, a Shared Catalogs logo will be displayed if you haven’t defined one yet.

You have now created a Shared Catalog, congratulations! The recipients will receive an email in a few minutes to access the new Shared Catalog.

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