Configure your PIM API


How to configure my PIM API?

Before setting up the Akeneo Connector for SFCC, you first need to generate a "client ID" and "secret" couple in the PIM to enable the API connection.

Please refer to our specific documentation to do so.

You will be given the following items:

  1. Your PIM URL (ex:
  2. Your PIM API Client ID and Secret
  3. Your PIM user who will be dedicated to the use of the API (Username and Password). Make sure you save them as you'll need them later.

How to configure the connector with my PIM API information?

In the connector configuration page, fill in the parameters below with the PIM information collected above:

Connector parameter PIM information
Akeneo Client ID API Client ID
Akeneo Secret API Secret
Akeneo Login PIM user username
Akeneo Password PIM user password
Akeneo Service General URL PIM URL

In the case of an Akeneo API unavailability, there is no automatic procedure to re-connect. However, the connector will try three times to reach the API before stopping.