View and enable currencies



You have 294 currencies available in Akeneo. Currencies are used to set values for the Price attribute type. Currencies are not related to locales.

When a Price attribute type is created, it can have as many values as needed as long as the relevant currency has been activated in the PIM.


View currencies

To view the currencies, go to Settings/Currencies. The grid displays all currencies available in the PIM.
You can search on the currency’s code and filter on its status Activated: All/Yes/No.


Enable/disable a currency


Each currency line comes with a shortcut action button to enable or disable it.
  1. Place your mouse over the line, the Change status button will appear
  2. To change the currency status (enable/disable), click on the button 


The currency status will be changed, and the currency grid will be automatically updated.

The shortcut action will be displayed if you have the appropriate rights.



Add a currency to a channel

For a currency to be available for a product, you will need to add the specific currency to the channel of your choice. 

  1. Go to Settings/Channels and select the channel of your product
  2. Add your currency to the field Currencies and save.