Reset your instance



When a catalog structure has been created/imported to the PIM, it can be challenging to change it afterward. This feature helps to reset a PIM instance.

This feature is only available in sandbox environments to avoid any incidence on your production.


How to reset an instance?

  1. In the menu, click System
  2. In the top-right corner, click Reset instance 
    Reset instance button
  3. Follow the steps and wait for the maintenance page to redirect you automatically to the login page once the reset is done. 
Maintenance page

What is part of the reset?

When you reset your sandbox instance, the whole instance is reset except the users, user groups & roles. This way, users can reconnect when it is done and continue their work.

Please note that the reset will also: 

  • delete any API connections (including Onboarder or Shared Catalogs)
  • delete users' avatars
  • redefine permissions (categories, attribute groups & locales) to All