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Heads up! This is the documentation for our Akeneo Serenity Enterprise and Growth editions. Serenity clients benefit from exclusive access to our latest PIM features. If you're interested in other versions, click on the drop down menu on the top right corner or check out everything you need to know about your version.

What is a user?


What is a user?

Nothing exotic here. A user is simply an account access to log into the PIM.

One user account can be used by one or several persons in a company.

A user has at least:

  • a firstname
  • a lastname
  • a username
  • a password
  • an email
  • a role.

A user can belong to one or several user groups. In the Enterprise Edition, this is really useful when you want to assign them permissions regarding the products data. By default, when a user is created, he does not belong to any user group. To know more about this subject, read Build your user groups.

#As a user you can...

As a user you can:

  • choose the language of your PIM interface to better understand what's going on 😉
  • choose your favorite view and working category tree to be even more productive
  • choose your favorite locale, channel and other filters when you are working on the product grid


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