Update products

#Via the User Interface

Enrich via the User Interface - Onboarder List of products

Products can be easily updated by clicking on a product on the product grid. Thus, the product form is displayed. It is composed of 4 distinct parts:

  • The header panel
  • The product navigation panel
  • The meta data panel
  • The attribute panel

#The header panel

The header panel shows the following product information:

  • The product name
  • An image of the product (if available)

#The product navigation panel

The product navigation panel allows you to switch between different sections of your product:

  • Attributes: Displays the list of attributes of a product. This section is used to enrich your product. This is the most used view.
  • Categories: Allows you to categorize your product.

#The meta data panel

The meta data panel displays information regarding your product such as:

  • The family of your product
  • The creation timestamp
  • The last update timestamp

#The attribute panel

The attribute panel displays all the attributes of your product.

All the attributes that are displayed on the product form have been defined by the retailer. They have to be filled in so that they can be reviewed.

As soon as a product is complete, it is automatically sent to the Retailer Onboarder to be reviewed.

You can access this link, if you want to know more about product enrichment via the product form.