Advanced Loging

#Enable advanced loging mode

Since the 101.3.5 version of the Akeneo Connector for Magento 2, in the connector configuration page in Advanced, you can enable the advanced loging mode for the connector:

Connector parameter PIM information
Enable Advanced Loging Yes or No

When activated, a log file per job will be created under the following directory: var/log/akeneo_connector

These files will contain:

  • The messages from the job
  • The Akeneo API parameters used for the job
  • The list of the imported entities (Akeneo identifier)
  • The list of the newly created entities (Akeneo identifier)

Also, in order to facilitate the debug process, temporary tables created during job execution won't be deleted at the end of the job.

Activating the advanced loging mode may slow down the import jobs, so it is not recommended to enable it in production.