Support access

We understand the critical role that integration apps play in enhancing the functionality and capabilities of your e-commerce store and that is the reason Akeneo provides support on the Enterprise version of its Akeneo connector for Adobe Commerce. 

What can I do if I have a question to ask, a bug to report or a suggestion to make about the Connector?

Enterprise Edition

First, you need to manage access to the helpdesk: from the Project console, you can manage who has the rights to open new requests on the Helpdesk. The Helpdesk is handled from another tool called JIRA Service Desk, managed from the Project console.

To submit tickets, go on our Helpdesk platform to contact us.

In the case of a "bug" report, please install the latest version of the Connector, also please disable all customizations and try to reproduce the bug again before reporting it. 

Indeed, it is important to note that while customization is available, the quality and impact of these customizations are beyond our control. To ensure the reliability of the connector, our support team rigorously tests it against a standard, unaltered (vanilla) version. If a bug is replicated in this vanilla version, the issue is within the core code of the connector. However, if the bug does not reoccur, it is likely associated with the customization or customer-specific settings. Please be aware that Akeneo does not provide support for customization itself, but we are committed to offering guidance and assistance to our customers to the best of our abilities.

If the problem occurs with the latest version of Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce, feel free to report the bug to us.

Please make sure you have all this information before you open a ticket on our Helpdesk:

  • The exact version of your PIM (x.x.x) (System -> System information)
  • The exact version of your Adobe Commerce (x.x.x) (At the bottom right of your Adobe Commerce Dashboard Homepage)
  • The version of the installed Connector (which you can find on the connector configuration page)
  • Steps to reproduce the bug (be as precise as possible).
  • A screenshot of the whole connector configuration page (since the 103.4.0 version of the Akeneo connector for Adobe Commerce you can use the export button at the top of the configuration page)
  • A screenshot of the issue.

And if it's possible for you:

  • Add the following Adobe Commerce log files too:
    • var/log/system.log and var/log/exception.log
    • var/report : any file in this directory might be useful

For our Support team to be able to take this issue into account, steps to reproduce should be performed in a non-customized environment on both Akeneo and Adobe Commerce sides, with a vanilla connector (without customizations).


Community Edition

Please note that we do not offer SLA-backed support on the Community Edition of Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce but you can use our Public Github repository to request help from our Community of users.