[Normalization] How to use the normalisation module ?


We help you decode the display of the normalisation module, and understand how to check and correct a line at this stage.



What do I need to know about the normalisation module? 

When starting the Normalisation step, the system automatically displays the rows to check. At this point you can edit row after row.


If you edit and correct multiple selected rows, the correction will apply to all of them.



  1. Select a product row and Edit to open the side panel.
  2. You can modify the display table by selecting only the visible columns you want. 


How do I validate and check a line at the normalisation stage?

  1. Select the row you wish to edit. 
  2. Click on the edit button to see which error has been detected. 
  3. Beneath every attribute that contains an error, you will find a description that can assist you in making the necessary corrections.
  4. Validate your corrections to save them. 
  5. Once all the lines have been corrected, you can validate the step in general. 


You must absolutely validate all lines to proceed to the next step.