Understand product completeness


About completeness

What is this red, orange, or green progress bar displayed on my dashboard? What does the percentage on my product grid mean?

This is completeness!

Because product information matters to us, we introduced the concept of "completeness" in our PIM. Akeneo's completeness provides information about your enrichment quality: it tells you how many attributes are filled in for your products.

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Where to see completeness?

Completeness can be displayed as a progress bar or as a percentage in the PIM.


On your dashboard

Your dashboard will display the overall completeness for each combination channel/locale.



In your product grid

Your product grid will display the completeness of each product as a percentage.



On your product edit form

Your product edit form will display the completeness of each product and each variant if it is a product model.



In your completeness panel (product edit form)



Thanks to the completeness panel, get the list of empty attributes and fill them in!



How do I set up my completeness?

Completeness is defined by a family, a locale, and a channel.

Then, once you know which attributes must be considered for each family, in other words, which attributes must be filled in to export your product, go to Settings/Family


Select a family and under the tab Attributes, tick attributes to take them into account in the completeness calculation or untick them to remove them from the completeness calculation.



It's easy as pie!


To determine which attributes to set as required, try to answer the following question: which product information do I absolutely need to display on my website, or app...? Is it the same for all my channels?



How is it calculated?

Calculation of completeness considers several parameters: the attributes defined as mandatory for the product family, the locales enabled for the channel... The PIM checks all the attributes filled in and all the attributes missing a value and displays a percentage.

A product is considered complete when it has a completeness of 100%, meaning when all its required attributes have a value.



How often is my completeness refreshed?

Completeness is regenerated:

  • after an import,
  • after a mass action,
  • after the rules are executed,
  • after you edit your family,
  • after a product is saved…


You can refresh your completeness using the command app/console pim:completeness:calculate (not available for Serenity edition)



Learn more about completeness in this interactive course