How to import my PIM Reference Entities?


What are "Reference entities" exactly?

Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition has a feature called Reference Entities (Please take a look at our documentation "What is a reference entity?").

Since the 100.2.1 version of the Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce, you can manage Reference Entities data from these attribute types:

  • Reference entity single link
  • Reference entity multiple links

The Community Edition of the Akeneo Connector doesn't manage reference entities (because 'reference entities' are a specific PIM Enterprise Edition feature).


How can I import "Reference entities" into Adobe Commerce?

As Adobe Commerce does not have anything similar to PIM "reference entity", we decided to map these reference entities at the product level.

In the connector configuration page, under Attributes, you can retrieve reference entities with the following parameters:

Two modes are available to import each reference entity single or multiple links attribute:

  • No: The connector imports a simple/multi select attribute at the product level with localized labels.
  • Yes: The connector imports a simple/multi-select attribute at the product level with localized labels AND imports a text area attribute that contain all the data from the reference entities linked to the product (in JSON format).
Connector parameter Adobe Commerce information
Get reference entities attributes Yes or No(default)

This mapping operation therefore duplicates the data of PIM reference entities at the product level in Adobe Commerce. 
Please ensure that the amount of data generated does not slow down the synchronization of your data too much.