How to configure grouped product?


How to setup grouped products in Akeneo?

Step 1 - Create a specific family for Grouped products in Akeneo:

First, go to "Setting > Families" and create a new Akeneo Family that will contain only your "Grouped" products.

Make sure to associate or create the attributes you need inside this family.

Adobe Commerce Grouped product prices are calculated from the price of their associated products.


Step 2 - Create a quantified association in Akeneo:

Go to "Setting > Association type" and create a new Akeneo Association with quantity.

This association will be the one that will contain the link between your Grouped products and their children.

You can't manage your Grouped product links with a 2-way association or a default association.


Step 3 - Create your "Grouped" products in Akeneo:

As there is no "Grouped" product type inside Akeneo, you need to create "Simple" products that will represent your "Grouped" products and associate them to your "Grouped" family in Akeneo.

"Grouped" products in Akeneo cannot be represented by "Product models", it has to be "Simple" products.


Step 4 - Associate your child products to your "Grouped" products in Akeneo:

In the "Associations" menu of your "Grouped" products in Akeneo, link the child products you want that will compose your "Grouped" product in the previously created quantified association.

You can only link "Simple" or "Variant" products to your "Grouped" products.


Step 5 - Configure the connector in Adobe Commerce:

See the Grouped products documentation.

Step 6 - Import your Grouped products in Adobe Commerce:

Then, run all the import jobs in Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce.

Your Grouped products will be imported during the Product job.

Grouped product family will be imported in last to ensure that the linked products are created in Adobe Commerce


Product models associated to a configured "Grouped" family in Adobe Commerce will not be imported.


Product models associated to a "Grouped" product will not be linked in Adobe Commerce


How can I configure grouped products?

Since the 101.2.0 version of the Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce and for Akeneo Edition 5.XGrowth Edition and Serenity Edition, in the connector configuration page in Grouped products, you can configure grouped product families and quantity association mapping:

Connector parameter Grouped product family code Quantity association code
Grouped product families and quantity association mapping Akeneo family code(s) Akeneo quantified association code(s)

Please make sure to only map quantified association in this configuration.