Setting up the PIM

Setting up the PIM

#Discover Akeneo concepts

If you are new to Akeneo, you will want to start here. It's just a few basics to get you started. Remember every Jedi knight was a young Padawan first.

#Build up your catalog

Having a catalog modelling that is totally tailored to your end-users needs, is really crucial. Before beginning to play with Akeneo, be sure to understand how these few key settings work.

#Users and permissions

As an administrator, you will need to manage all the users that will access the PIM. Here are some articles to help you understand how to handle the users and their permissions.

#Languages and translations

We love being international here. The more languages the PIM will speak, the happier we will be. There is already a lot of happiness at Akeneo, but let's bring some more!

#Administration matters

This is a kind of 'Miscellaneous' theme: you will need these articles to grasp some PIM concepts, but as you will see below, these concepts are totally unrelated.