How to download and install the connector?

#Where can I get Akeneo Connector for SFCC?

There are 2 ways to put your hands on Akeneo Connector for SFCC:

  • On Salesforce marketplace, where you can download a free archive that includes the latest certified version of the connector. You need a Salesforce Xchange account to get access to this archive. Please note that this free version connector will not give you access to official support and maintenance from Akeneo teams.

  • On Akeneo Partner Portal, within a private Github repository.
    This up-to-date version provides early access to latest patches and new features for the connector. It is also supported and maintained by Akeneo teams.

Please contact us to get access to the private Github repository where the supported version of the connector is hosted. Akeneo teams will get back to you on how to download the connector via the Partner Portal and how to benefit from Akeneo support.

#How to install the connector?

Please have a look at the file from the connector Github repository first.

This file will give you the installation requirements, a technical overview of the connector and will explain how to install the connector properly.

Please also read the additional document in the "documentation" folder of the Github repository.

#What can I do if I have a question, if I want to report a bug or a suggestion for the connector?

Please use our Helpdesk platform to contact us.

In the event of a bug report, please install the latest version of the connector and try to reproduce the bug again before reporting it

If the issue occurs with the latest version of the connector, feel free to report the bug to us. Please provide us with the below information when you open a ticket on our Help Center:

  • The version of your PIM instance
  • The version of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud instance
  • The version of the installed connector
  • Steps to reproduce your issue (please be as precise as possible).

For our Support team to be able to take this issue into account, the steps to reproduce should be performed in a non-customized environment on both Akeneo and SFCC sides, with a vanilla connector.
Please note that we do not offer support on the free version of Akeneo connector for SFCC (which you get from Salesforce marketplace)

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