Configure your PIM API

#How to configure my PIM API?

Before setting up the Akeneo Connector for SFCC, you first need to generate a "client ID" and a "secret" couple in the PIM to enable the API connection.

Please refer to our specific documentation to do so.

Then, note the below information:

  1. Your PIM URL (ex:
  2. Your PIM API Client ID and Secret
  3. Your PIM user dedicated to the use of the API (Username and Password).

#How to configure the connector with my PIM API information?

In the connector configuration page, fill in the below parameters with the PIM information collected above:

Connector parameter PIM information
Akeneo Client ID API Client ID
Akeneo Secret API Secret
Akeneo Login PIM user username
Akeneo Password PIM user password
Akeneo Service General URL PIM URL