Review product changes


How to manage suppliers proposals?


When a product is completed for a locale on the Supplier Onboarder, you receive a proposal in your PIM. This means that all attributes defined as required for the channel Onboarder on a specific locale are filled in by the supplier. At that moment, the product status is Waiting for approval for the supplier. After you approve or reject a product, the product status is updated to Approved or Rejected for the supplier.

A product gets the status Approved when all its values are accepted. Otherwise, if you reject at least one of the attributes, the product is marked as Rejected.


A product updated by one of your suppliers will never impact directly your PIM. A review step is mandatory so that you can evaluate the proposal.


You can review the suggestions made by suppliers in the PIM proposals.

Each time you comment on a proposal, the supplier can see it on its product view.

Please note that it is strongly advised to wait before making any modifications to product attributes if they have been assigned to your suppliers and wait for the proposal to be sent back.


Product models with variants

Product models with variants are specific type of products you can receive proposals for. You can receive proposals in two different cases:

  1. for the product model values
  2. for the product variant values

For the product model values, you receive a proposal:

  • the first time the supplier completes a product variant with its parent product model,
  • and then each time a product model is updated.

For the product variant values, you receive a proposal each time a supplier completes or updates a product variant.

Statuses on product models are not available.



When new assets are suggested by suppliers, they are included in the proposals and automatically added to the right asset collection when the new product is accepted.