Franklin Insights subscriptions

Only available in our Entreprise Edition


Once you activate the Franklin connection and perform the mapping of Franklin identifiers, you have everything you need in order to subscribe products to Franklin for automatic enrichment.

When you subscribe a product to Franklin, Franklin collects and validates information on demand from hundreds of sources and its internal database, and then utilizes Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in order to provide you with rich, accurate, and structured product information suggestions.

#How to subscribe products

You have 2 ways to subscribe products to Franklin.

#Via the Product Edit Form


#Via bulk action


In order for you to receive attribute values proposals for subscribed and enriched products, you need to match between Franklin’s attributes and your catalog attributes in each family using the Franklin attributes mapping UI.

#Filter on subscribed products in the product grid (since 3.1)

In order to easily find the subscribed or unsubscribed products, we added a filter Franklin subscription in the product grid. Thus, you can easily display the products in the grid and bulk subscribe or unsubscribe them.

The available choices for this new filter are:

  • All: products will be displayed in the product grid regardless of their subscription status
  • Enabled: only the subscribed products will be displayed in the product grid
  • Disabled: only the unsubscribed products will be displayed in the product grid
  1. By default, the filter is set to All.
  2. It is displayed only if Franklin is activated.

To make it even more comfortable to work with subscribed products, you can also use Franklin subscription as a column in the product grid.

#What you need to know about product subscriptions

  • A Franklin product subscription costs 1 credit.
  • A Franklin product subscription is for 1 year.
  • Franklin will continuously try to enrich the product throughout the year.
  • The credit for the subscription is consumed only if Franklin was able to suggest at least 5 attributes suggestions for the product.
  • The credit is given back to you if the subscription period has passed and Franklin generated less than 5 attributes suggestions for the product.
  • You can also get your credit back prior to the end of the subscription period by unsubscribing the product (the credit will be given back if it has not yet been consumed).

#Product subscription requirements

Each product must have:

  • Sufficient identifiers input: Brand & MPN and / or UPC and / or ASIN.
  • Valid identifiers input: UPC must be 12 digits, ASIN must be 10-character alphanumeric.
  • A family.

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