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With Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition and Growth Edition being available as cloud-native SaaS applications, we can regularly deliver new capabilities that address your needs. We are excited to share the features that we are currently working on for our SaaS-based customers, including those that are coming very soon, and those that we are working on in the labs for release at a later date.* We have also added some of the features that we have just released to the table below. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly or contact us here.

Mid term 🔬 | 6+ months

Here are the capabilities that we are currently researching in our labs and are in an early stage of development. They have a high chance of being in Akeneo PIM in the future. But keep in mind that nothing is set in stone and these plans are subject to change.*

Multiple Product Identifiers


Oftentimes Akeneo customers need to use more than one product identifier for a single product. With this release, you can use several identifiers per product to suit your needs, like GTIN and SKU, as well as internal identifiers.

Simultaneous Work in Akeneo PIM


With many teams collaborating on the enrichment of products within Akeneo PIM, they need a way to know if someone else is also working on that product. With Simulatneous Work in Akeneo PIM, users will not only see when someone else is working on the same product, but they can also work on the same product at the same time without overwriting each other’s product values.

Short term ⚗️ | Within 6 months

These features are being actively developed by our team, and so you can expect to see them in Akeneo PIM within the next few months.

Akeneo PIM - Scheduled Imports & Exports

Automation | Will be available in Serenity EE & GE

Akeneo PIM users will have the ability to schedule automated executions of their product imports or exports to an SFTP storage server.

Akeneo PIM - Product Identifier Generator

Governance | Will be available in Serenity EE & GE

Improve product lifecycle management by enabling unique product identifier generation within Akeneo PIM. This will make Akeneo PIM responsible for creating product identifiers on the fly when importing or creating new products based on nomenclatures.

Enriched Categories

Governance | Will be available in Serenity

Creating a great customer experience means providing additional context at every step of their buying journey. Therefore Enriched Categories will give Akeneo customers the ability to enrich not just products, but categories as well, including channel- and locale-specific attributes too!

Just released 🎈

Here’s a sample of some of the new capabilities that have been recently released for our SaaS-based customers. Click through to read more about them, or check out the What’s New page for the entire list.

This is just an overview of our latest released features. If you want to scroll through the entire list of all the features we launched recently, there's a dedicated page for you.
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*The above information is being shared to outline some of our current product plans. We hope the following can shed some light on our roadmap, but it is important to understand that it is being shared for informational purposes only, and not as a binding commitment. It is subject to change at any time.