Link product and supplier

#A few things to know before starting

Supplier reference in families

When the Onboarder bundle is installed on the PIM, 2 new attributes are automatically added on all your products: Supplier and Supplier reference . By assigning a supplier to a product and defining the product supplier reference, this product will automatically be sent to the relevant Onboarder Supplier.

You can link a product to a single supplier.

Both supplier and supplier reference are mandatory for a product to be sent to the relevant Supplier Onboarder.

#Via flat files import

Supplier and Supplier reference columns have been added to the product import profile for both CSV and XLSX profiles so you can easily add a supplier to a product. Do not hesitate to have a look at this article to export products.

#Via the User Interface

Link a product and a supplier with the PEF

It's really easy to assign a supplier to a product:

  1. Log in your PIM
  2. Select a product in the Product grid
  3. Look for the Supplier attributes
  4. Click on the dropdown
  5. Select the supplier name you want to add
  6. Click on Save