How to import asset videos?

#How to import Asset videos into Magento 2

Since the 100.6.0 version of the Akeneo Connector for Magento 2, you can import video links from assets into Magento 2. Please consider that URLs management is not native in Magento 2 and then the related information will be stored in a JSON format.

Video import from Assets is only available for Akeneo version 4.0 or superior

Connector parameter Asset Collection Attribute Description Asset Attribute Used As Preview Title Asset Attribute Used As Preview Image
Akeneo Asset Manager Video Attributes List your Akeneo PIM Video Asset Collection attribute codes Text attribute code from the Asset Family to be used as video description in Magento Text attribute code from the Asset Family to be used as video title in Magento Image attribute code from the Asset Family to be used as preview image in Magento

As Magento 2 cannot handle video binary files, the connector will only import assets with a main media of the media type "Youtube" or "Vimeo"

The preview images for asset videos are mandatory as Magento 2 needs an image in order to display videos on the product page

The title is not mandatory for the connector to import videos, but it is highly recommended to configure it as Magento 2 is expecting one in the admin product page

Videos will always be inserted at the end of the gallery image in Magento 2. If there are multiple videos for the same product, the order from Akeneo will be respected in Magento 2 image gallery.

The localizable and scopable dimensions of your Akeneo Asset Collection Video attribute and the Akeneo Asset Family main media, description, title and preview image attribute will be automatically managed by the connector