When are you notified?


You can get two different types of notifications from Akeneo Onboarder.

New product suggestions

The first one is when the supplier creates a new product and when s/he completes all required attributes of the product, then the product status is updated to Waiting for approval. In that case, you can go to the Product Data page of the Retailer Onboarder to accept or reject the new product suggestions.

Enrichment proposals

When you assign a product to a supplier, they can enrich it. Then in the Supplier Onboarder, suppliers see the product as To enrich. Once the supplier completes all required attributes of the product, its status changes to Waiting for approval. The product is automatically sent to your PIM, and you'll be notified that you have a proposal to review via the notification center.

Only the PIM users linked to the supplier receive the notifications in both cases.