Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce release process


Versioning policy

Akeneo connector for Adobe Commerce's versioning policy is designed to provide our users with a clear understanding of how we manage and release software versions. Akeneo goal is to enhance the performance, security, and functionality of our connector. 

Our versioning policy explains the structure of version numbers, release schedules, and the significance of each release type, whether it's a major release with groundbreaking features or a minor release with bug fixes and enhancements. This policy aims to help you stay informed about the evolution of Adobe Commerce, ensuring you can plan for updates and optimizations that best suit your e-commerce needs.

Akeneo connector for Adobe Commerce follows a standard convention for naming evolutions and bug fixes in its versioning policy. This convention ensures consistency and clarity in communicating the nature of each software update. Major releases, typically containing significant new features and enhancements, are denoted by a change in the first digit of the version number (e.g., from version 2.0 to 3.0). Minor releases, which primarily include bug fixes and smaller enhancements, are indicated by a change in the second digit (e.g., from version 2.0 to 2.1).

This naming convention helps users easily distinguish between major updates that may bring substantial changes and minor updates that focus on stability and refinement. It allows you to make informed decisions about when to upgrade your Adobe Commerce platform based on your specific needs and priorities.

Evolution type Convention naming
 Major evolution  A.X.X
 Minor evolution  X.B.X
Bug Fix X.X.C 

For more information of the installation and upgrade process, please refer to setting up the connectors articles.

Release note

 You will find below the evolutions list starting in 2022. You can also follow the app store release notes for more details. The release note below only concerns the enterprise version of the connector and focuses on evolutions.

104.0.0 and later

In version 104.0.0, we've introduced a PHP compatibility breaker to enhance the overall performance and security of Akeneo. We want to emphasize that all future evolutions and improvements will be centered around this version and those that follow.

By concentrating our efforts on version 104.0.0 and its subsequent releases, we're dedicated to delivering a more powerful and secure platform, along with exciting new features and enhancements.


103.5.X retrocompatibility

In version 104.0.0, we've introduced a PHP compatibility breaker to enhance the overall performance and security of Akeneo. We understand that this change may require some adjustments on your end, and we're committed to supporting you through this transition. To provide our users with a smooth experience, we've decided to maintain the previous version, 103.5.X, with dedicated bug fixes and updates.

This approach allows you to continue using version 103.5.2 while benefiting from essential bug fixes, ensuring your system remains stable and reliable. At the same time, you can plan for a smooth transition to version 104.0.0, making the necessary adjustments at your own pace while keeping your e-commerce operations running smoothly. We're here to support you every step of the way to ensure a seamless and efficient experience with Akeneo.

Version Evolutions Release date

104.3.0 - 104.3.8

  • Allow to assign an image to the parent (configurable, grouped, bundle) or child only (simple, virtual) - 104.3.8
  • Add possibility to use InnoDB as temporary table format Version - 104.3.5
  • Create empty columns only for price attributes that are mapped but empty in Akeneo  - 104.3.3
  • Filter attributes, add wording to the helper - 104.3.3
  • Bug fixes
Q1 2024
  • Add possibility to import product bundle 
  • Log report improvements 
  • Allow altering properties after construct method 
  • Bug fix
Dec. 14th
  • Allow manual retry from last step when an error occurred
  • Bug fix
Nov. 30th
  • Bug fix
Nov. 30th
  • Log report - Improve log interface
  • Pre-existing Ecommerce - Being able to map pre-existing categories
  • Easily manage tax class per product
  • Avoid to execute 2 imports at the same time
Nov. 7th
104.0.3 + 104.0.4 + 104.0.5 + 103.5.6 + 104.0.6 + 103.5.7
  • Monthly bug fixes
September 28th, Oct. 17th, Nov. 2nd
104.0.1 + 104.0.2
  • Monthly bug fixes
August 22, August 31
  • Upgrade minimal PHP dependency to 8.0
  • Upgrade Akeneo PHP client to 11.2.0
  • Import images for category attributes (documentation)
  • Allow to disable updated mode filter (documentation)
  • Warning: Careful, PHP Client 8.0 compatibility breaker on this version. All versions of the Akeneo connector before the version 104.0.0 will be maintained only on bugfixes
July, 21 2023
  • Select category trees to import instead of trees to exclude 
  • Select families to import instead of families to exclude
  • Schedule task with a cron expression in jobs pages
  • Import enriched category attributes
  • Import Swatch colors and images 
  • Filter products by “updated mode” in advanced mode 
  • Assets compatibility warning removed
  • Allow to override default attribute values (like tax_class_id)
  • Allow attribute named visibility in Akeneo
  • Bug fixes since last release
July, 13 2023
103.4.3, 103.4.2, 103.4.1
  • Bug fixes
April, May 2023
  • New endpoint to link product with the UUID
  • Last Successful updated import date by family
  • Allow to import product visibility from Akeneo attribute
  • Improve filter and options in the log grid on family
  • Manage visual and text swatch attributes
  • Export configuration improvement
  • "Product Status Mode" parameter missing when selecting version 5.0 Akeneo edition
  • Magento to Adobe Commerce rebranding
  • Bug fixes since 103.3.1
March,17 2023
  • Hot fix
March, 6 2023
  • Add localizable and scopable image attribute import (documentation)
  • Add job grid automatic refresh in order to provide real time progress of jobs (documentation
  • Add attribute option mapping when a select / multi-select attribute is mapped with an existing attribute on Adobe (documentation)
  • Improve extension coding standards
  • Fix column size improvement to manage uppercase attribute codes
  • Manage empty attribute values returned by Akeneo API by creating missing columns inside the product temporary table 
  • Fix asset retro-compatibility patch from version 103.1.0 to manage empty asset configurations
    Warning: change of behavior on empty values
Dec 9, 2022
  • Improve column sizes per attribute type inside product temporary table in order to reduce the MYSQL table volume
  • Add batch for large inserts during asset association
  • Bug fix since 103.1.4
103.1.4, 103.1.3, 103.1.2, 103.1.1
  • Hot fixes
  • Rewamp asset collection attribute image import
  • Add the possibility to map assets to specific Magento image types
  • Add the possibility to import multiple asset image attributes from the same asset
  • Add the possibility to map different asset collection attributes to configurable and simple / grouped / virtual products
  • Add a configuration to hide image assets from the product gallery
  • Separate JSON import configuration from asset image import in the product gallery
  • Improve asset image import performances
  • Warning : When upgrading your connector to this version, make sure to double check your asset collection image import configuration if applicable.
August 25, 2022
  • Add compatibility for Magento 2.4.4 and PHP 8.1: Documentation
  • Remove deprecated Akeneo API client EE
  • Bump Akeneo API client to version 9
  • Replace Guzzle HTTP client by Symfony HTTP Client
  • Fix function usage for PHP 8
  • Update extension PHP compatibility to 7.4 and 8.1
  • Fix "special_price" and "cost" attribute being set to 0 when empty on MariaDB
May 19, 2022
  • Add product status mode "Attribute mapping" in order to map a Yes/No attribute to the status attribute
March 10, 2022
102.4.0, 102.3.2, 102.3.1, 102.3.0, 102.2.1
  • Hot fixes and technical improvements
  • Add new "Status mode" in order to assign simple product
     status from a completeness level (Documentation)
  • Add job logs cleaning task (Documentation)
  • Add email reporting for job execution (Documentation)
  • Use PHP short syntax and escape translations in templates
January 6th, 2022