Feature coverage


Features coverage

Akeneo PIM

This section provides an overview of the features supported by the Akeneo App for BigCommerce.


Feature Supported by the App
Categories Yes
Enriched categories No
Simple products Yes
Product models  Yes
Product variants on all levels Yes
Product modifiers No
Product deletion No
Native fields Yes
Custom fields Yes
Attributes value deletion Yes
Asset Manager Yes
Images Yes
Videos No
Metafields No
Reference Entities Yes
Associations (cross-sell, up-sell) No
Single-store management Yes
Multi-store management Yes
Single-store with multi-storefront No
Full/Delta synchronization Yes
Manual synchronization Yes
Scheduled synchronization Yes
Synchronization logs Yes
Pre-existing e-commerce catalog management Yes


Please be aware that the attributes and features scope evolves. We aim to update you with new features regularly to provide you with a seamless user experience.

Please note that the App is SaaS and not customizable.

Please note that products are synchronized using the same structure as the PIM. 
It is not possible to customize the structure of your products with the app.



Simple Products & product models

When working with simple products in BigCommerce, it's essential to understand the native fields supported by the App. These fields provide crucial information for managing and presenting your products effectively. 

To explore the complete list of supported native fields for simple products & product models, refer to the documentation here


Product Variants 

Product variants enable you to offer diverse options and configurations within a single product listing. To ensure the seamless handling of product variants in BigCommerce, it's vital to understand the native fields supported by the App.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the supported native fields for product variants, please consult the documentation here


Custom fields coverage

When working with custom fields in BigCommerce, it's important to understand the supported attribute types.

Please consult our documentation for further details on the attribute types supported.

It's essential to remember certain limitations when using custom fields in the Akeneo App for BigCommerce: 

  • Maximum Custom Fields selection: Each store is limited to a maximum of 200 custom fields. 
  • Eligible Attributes Display Limit: Within the app interface, you will find up to 1000 eligible attributes displayed for your convenience. This display limit streamlines the user experience while managing custom fields.