Platforms Compatibility & Prerequisite


Akeneo PIM compatibility

The current version of the Akeneo App for BigCommerce is recommended for the PIM Growth Edition because of the current feature coverage. However it can also be used with Enterprise Edition (SaaS) depending on the usage of the PIM features.

For the complete list of features, please see the "Feature Coverage & Recommendations"

Please note that the feature coverage of the Akeneo App for BigCommerce evolves constantly to provide you with the most seamless PIM <> BigCommerce experience. However, depending on your current needs, use the feature listing to decide if our App fits your requirement.

Akeneo PIM Edition  

The current version of the Akeneo App manages mono-locale, mono-channel, mono-store configuration and multi-store.



BigCommerce compatibility

The App is optimized for the Enterprise versions of BigCommerce. It is possible to use the App if you have a different BigCommerce plan, but this will result in a significant drop in performance due to limitations applied to the BigCommerce API on these versions. A large catalog can take 10 times longer to sync if you don't have a BigCommerce Enterprise plan.

You can see the API rate limits for BigCommerce plans here.



To be able to use the Akeneo App for BigCommerce correctly, you will need:

  • Dedicated PIM instance
  • Dedicated BigCommerce store
  • BigCommerce App activated by your Akeneo's contact
  • In order to be able to manage and open an App, you need to have the System Role >> Manage/Open App activated for your account in the PIM.

The Akeneo App for BigCommerce is available directly from your PIM in the Connect >> Connected Apps section.

To find out how to set up Akeneo App for BigCommerce, please visit the "Configuration set up section"



The App has been built to remain robust and stable at all times. The good functioning has been validated with the Akeneo PIM catalog of 50 000 products. If you intend to synchronize a bigger catalog into your BigCommerce store, your request should be assessed by the Akeneo product team to validate the feasibility of the data import.

The feasibility will depend on your BigCommerce plan and the attribute types you wish to synchronize.