App Feature Coverage


Feature coverage

The current version of the Akeneo App for Bigcommerce covers the following features and attributes:

Akeneo PIM Features covered in the App

Detailed feature list available on the Akeneo App Store.

Feature Availability
Pre-existing e-commerce catalog handler  No
Basic Product Attributes Yes
Custom Attributes Yes
Images Attribute Yes
File Attribute No
Enriched Categories No
MANUAL LOGS Management Yes
SINGLE STORE Management Yes
MULTI-STORE Management Yes
Categories Management Yes
Enable/Disable Product State Yes
1 variation axes for Product Model Management Yes
2 variation axes for Product Model Management Yes
Product Association Type Management No
Asset Manager Yes
API Import filters (completeness) Yes
Attributes value deletion Yes
Reference entities No
FULL/DIFF synchronization Yes
Automatic synchronization Yes


BigCommerce Product Catalog Features covered in the App

Feature Availability
Multi-store Yes
Multi-storefront Partial coverage
Categories Yes
Products Yes
Product variants Yes
Enriched Categories  No
Native fields Partial coverage - list available here
Product modifiers No
Custom fields Yes
Images Yes
Videos No
Metafields No


Please be aware that the attributes and features scope evolves. We aim to update you with new features regularly to provide you with a seamless user experience.

Please note that the App is SaaS and not customizable.



Native BigCommerce attributes coverage

Simple product & product model

You can consult all supported native fields for simple products & product models here.

Product variant

You can consult all supported native fields for product variants here.


Custom BigCommerce attributes coverage

You can consult all supported attribute types for custom fields here.


  • up to 200 custom fields are supported
  • up to 1000 eligible attributes are displayed in the App