Create bundle products


Since 104.3.0, you can manage bundle products in Akeneo and import them into Adobe Commerce. 

While Akeneo currently does not support bundle products as a built-in feature, you can achieve the desired functionality by creating a family, attributes, and options. Follow this tutorial for step-by-step guidance.

It is very important to respect the labels and codes so that the connector can correctly create the bundle.


Create the family

Add a new family named "Bundle" with the code bundle. The family code will be used to determine if the product is a bundle, the family code name MUST BE bundle in lower case. For now this family can contain only few attributes: Name, SKU, Meta title, Meta description.

Create attribute groups

Add 2 Attribute groups: "Bundle Settings" with the code bundle_settings and "Bundle Options" with the code bundle_options.

Create attributes

Create 3 new attributes associated with "Bundle Settings" attribute group (The code for attributes and options MUST BE as indicated, in lower case):

Label Code Type Options
Ship Bundle Items shipment_type Simple Select
Label Code
Together 0
Separately 1
Dynamic Price price_type Yes/No  
Dynamic Weight weight_type Yes/No  

Create 2 new attributes associated with "Bundle Options" attribute group (The code for attributes and options MUST BE as indicated, in lower case):

Label Code Type Options
Bundle Options bundle_options Table > Empty table
Label Code Type Options
Option option Select
Label Code
Option 1 option_1
Option 2 option_2
Option 3 option_3
Option 4 option_4
Input Type input_type Select
Label Code
select select
radio radio
checkbox checkbox
multi multi
Title title Text  
Position position Number  
Required required Yes/No  
Code code Text  
Bundle Products bundle_items Table > Empty table
Label Code Type Options
Product item Select
Label Code
Product 1 product_1
Product 2 product_2
Product 3 product_3
Product 4 product_4
SKU sku Text  
Default Quantity selection_qty Number  
Is Default is_default Yes/No  
User Defined selection_can_change_qty Yes/No  
Price selection_price_value Number  
Price Type selection_price_type Select
Label Code
fixed fixed
percent percent
Option Code option_code Text  


Add all bundle attributes to the "bundle" family

  • Ship Bundle Items (shipment_type) 
  • Dynamic Price (price_type) 
  • Dynamic Weight (weight_type) 
  • Bundle Options (bundle_options) 
  • Bundle Products (bundle_items)

Add a new product with the family "bundle"

To seamlessly import bundles, it's essential to configure your settings to reflect the following product configuration:

  1. First, add your options and define a free code. 
  2. Then, add products with the option code you want to attach the product to.


The product SKU must have been imported into Magento, otherwise it will not be associated with the option in Adobe Commerce.


When the bundle is ready in Akeneo, launch the Connector product job.